ADFIL construction fibres in Hull, UK provide performance concrete fibres and polypropylene fibres for the construction industry as a cost-effective, safe alternative to steel mesh

    • Reduced Construction Time
    • Reduced Labour Costs
    • Improved Health & Safety
    • No Rust or Corrosion
    • Increased Flexural Strength
    • Increased Tensile Strength
    • Increased Impact Resistance
    • Increased Durability
    • Reduced Explosive Spalling
    • Reduced Plastic Settlement
    • Reduced Permeability
    • Reduced Bleeding


ADFIL has a wide range of specialist fibres for use in the majority of construction applications. Each fibre type has been developed and manufactured to provide optimum performance for each individual construction need. Alternatively we have the flexibility to produce synthetic construction fibres to our customers’ own design.

Fibres are packed in measured quantities in either:

  • Paper degradeable bags
  • Plastic bags
  • Bulk boxes of various size
  • Jumbo sacks

Monfilament Fibres

The ADFIL range of monofilament polypropylene fibres reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking, whilst enhancing the surface properties and durability of hardened cementitious products. The fibres are extremely fine, single filaments, cut to various lengths dependant on application, maximum aggregate size considerations and surface appearance requirements. The fibres are coated with surfactant to improve initial dispersion and bond. ADFIL fibres are extremely fine and although slightly visible at the plastic stage, are not readily seen on the hardened surface.

Monfilament Fibres
Monfilament Fibres

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Advantages and benefits of using ADFIL's monofilament construction fibres

  • Reduced Plastic Shrinkage Cracks
  • Reduced Plastic Settlement
  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Alternative to Crack Control Mesh
  • Reduced Water & Chemical Permeability
  • Reduced Explosive Spalling in Fire
  • Increased Abrasion Properties
  • Increased Impact Resistance
  • Improved Freeze/Thaw Resistance.

ADFIL's monofilament construction fibres are used globally in many cementitious applications

  • Internal Floor Slabs
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Concrete Buildings
  • Repair Materials
  • External Hard Standings
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Tunnelling
  • Extruded Concrete
  • Agricultural Areas
  • Piling Concrete
  • Shotcrete/Gunite

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